Friday, December 4, 2009


Ok, Ladies & Gents... It's time for UGGs in North Texas, and I'm totally diggin' it! I've got mine on at work today, believe it or not. This warrants lots of chuckles and crude remarks from coworkers but I was mentally prepared for it when I walked in the door. My thinking is this... I'm a commuter. If weather gets bad there is chance I'll be on the side of the road and need to be warm. Therefore, winter boots with warm fuzzy interiors are necessary.

We had snow flurries on Wednesday and we have a chance for more tonight! I'm not sure snow will actually fall in my part of town but I'm crossing my fingers and wishing hard. How wonderful would it be to get home this evening as we are putting up our Christmas Tree, to have the Christmas tunes a'playin' and have snow falling outside the windows?

In the meantime, Elvis is singing sweet carols to me from my iTunes radio on my computer and I'm humming along. When the whistle blows I'll be out the door ready for some serious decorating with Hubby and The Little Guy. I smell apple cider and hot chocolate in our future! And perhaps some home-baked cookies...

Happy Friday to you, my friends!