Monday, May 3, 2010


Do you ever just get so excited that you smile really cheesy-like and make that inhaling kind of squeaky noise? Perhaps an audio clip of what I mean would be a better descriptive tool to get my point across, however I don't have one handy. I digress...

Today is just such a day to make me smile and get all squeaky. It's my son's 12th birthday and I can't wait to pick him up after school today! We are heading out to an early dinner at his choice of fine dining establishment, then back to the house for cake, candles and presents. Do you think it's mean of me to make him wait until after dinner to open gifts? Ok, so maybe he'll open presents before we go eat.

I can't believe he's twelve! Time has flown by so fast. One of his gifts this year is a futon. He's already trying to convert his room into a bachelor pad. But, that's ok. I always had a super plain, nondescript bedroom so I'm excited for him to make his space his very own.

Stay tuned for the mother's day craft I finished up last night! Can't wait to share it with you!