Friday, May 21, 2010

Taking Stock

I'm a firm believer that everything in Life happens for a reason.  And, I think that anything and everything that happens is meant to be an opportunity to learn from and to improve upon. 

If I succeed at the improvement part is totally up to me.  And I'm currently being tested by Life.

Last week I learned that everyone at the company I work for would have to take a 10% pay cut.  I was relieved that the news wasn't about layoffs, but up until last night my mind had been in a whirlwind as to what I should do.  The questions were looming in my head about sprucing up my resume and looking for work elsewhere, or trying to work part-time so I could help my husband more with his business. 

We discussed our options at length and have decided to wait this out for a bit.  And coming to that conclusion has helped to have peace with the situation. 

It's still hard to work with people who are asking themselves the same questions, and to notice that we're all wondering if our positions will ultimately get cut.  But, I'm trying my best to not let go of this new feeling of peace and not to worry.  To just let it go.