Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day

I hope everyone pauses long enough throughout this Memorial Day, as we mosey on about our business freely doing whatever we decide to, to remember why we have the freedoms we do.  It's totally because of the people who came before us and fought for liberty.  It's also because of the men and women who continue to fight for us now. 

Thank you to our soldiers and our leaders who believe in liberty, freedom and the old-fashioned American way.  I pray our country never loses what the founding fathers intended for us to have.  Join me as I make a pledge this year to learn more about the people who are running for office, and support only the ones who can keep our liberties and freedoms in tact. 

This day is about more than honoring our soldiers who are still fighting for us and those who gave their lives for our country, it's also about choosing to honor those warriors by how we live.  Choose to live as a Patriot, my friends.  Love, honor and serve your country.