Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Holy Canada, Batman!

I am back in action... back in Texas but wishing for a more beautiful skyline. Canada was awesome. I am in total awe of just how beautiful it is up there. My husband and I chatted (as we gazed out the train windows passing through the Canadian Rocky Mountains) about just how flat and ugly the place we call home is to look at. We literally have to take a road trip to get anywhere with a real view.

Just to give you a recap (sans pics since I haven't uploaded my camera just yet) we took the Canadian Royal Pacific rail tour through the mountains, starting in Calgary and looping through the mountains before getting back to our original starting point. Then we visited the Stampede in Calgary checking out Chuck Wagon races and the rodeo.

Do you know who I saw! In the lobby of my hotel, in the Stampede parade, at the Chuck Wagon race and the Rodeo? I saw Jet and Cord McCoy from The Amazing Race! They were the runner's up in this past season, and they happened to be my all time favorite contestants. I hollered and waved my arms off showing my support when I saw them. If only I would've gotten to meet them. And take a picture with them. My son was equally as disappointed, but just to have been all the way in Canada at the same time as them, when they are from the same region I'm from. It was a very cool feeling!

Stay tuned for some Canadian pics later this week. I'm still playing catch up with life and getting back into the swing of things.