Thursday, July 1, 2010

Philosophical Question of the Day

If you drive a car, and you have a 'Jesus Lives' sticker on your back windshield, why would you choose to drive like Hitler? That is a complete contradiction from the message you have printed on your vehicle.  Or, maybe you are about to test what you believe by trying to meet up with Jesus sooner than later?

I'm just curious....

You see, I'm quite the bad driver. I threaten the lives of fellow freeway users every morning and afternoon while I'm commuting. I like to speed because I hate my commute so I'm trying to make it as brief as possible.  Plus, I'm just impatient and I would love for everyone to simply get out of my way. But, I have the sense to not put a 'Jesus Lives' sticker, or a 'Give Peace A Chance' sticker, or a 'Do Unto Others' sticker on my car. Why, that would just be hypocritical.

My husband just recently got back from a trip to Mississippi where he had to drive about eight hours to get to his destination.  He said as soon as he crossed over the Texas border into Arkansas drivers became nice and truly shared the road. People actually used the left lane as a passing lane only. That information stunned me a little bit.

I guess when people say 'everything's bigger in Texas' that must include our vehicular egos.