Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What, no spin?

Last night, all three of us trudged up to our fitness center.  (Can you sense that I really love going up there?)  The Little Guy and I were going to join in on a spin class, and Hubby was going to work out doing his usual thing.  I knew the Tuesday night spin instructor was popular, but there was only one bike left and there were five minutes to spare before class was to start.  Crikey!  So, The Little Guy and I headed to the treadmills.  Which I can't stand those things.

I walked quickly for about a mile and a half before getting totally bored.  (Since we thought we would be in the spin class with tunes a'thumpin' we didn't bring iPods.)  The Little Guy switched to a pull up apparatus to see how his shoulder would handle the workout.  Hubby soon finished up then we all headed home.  I began cooking dinner and the guys worked on more shoulder exercises to strengthen up my son's shoulder/collar bone area as part of his recovery.  Tonight we are heading back up there, and hopefully I'll make it up there early enough to get two bikes side by side.

I can't stand working out.  This is another time when I would love to just throw on a t-shirt that says, "I'd rather be crocheting."  Yes, quite a nerdy shirt to want to sport, however I'm sincerely hoping that I will find a t-shirt such as this in my stocking this Christmas or have one made some day.

It's the little things that bring us such pleasures, right?  Just kidding...