Sunday, August 1, 2010

Your Opinion Might Leave Me In Stitches

Please take a looksie at this crocheted necklace and kindly leave your opinions of it in the comments section.  I'm curious what you think. 

Does it look a bit 'Anthro' to you?  As in it could be from Anthropologie?  Or does it just scream vintage surplus in a really bad way? Honesty is appreciated, folks.  So go ahead and lay it on me.

My pictures aren't the greatest.  I should've gotten out Hubby's lightbox to really create some contrast with the color.  (I tried to adjust things a bit manually, which is why one picture looks purple.)  Next time around I'll use the professional equipment.  But this time I didn't...  My apologies!

Thanks for taking a moment to look, inspect, ponder and contribute.  I really appreciate it!  And I hope you're having an amazing Sunday!