Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Thanks to Commenters!

I want to send a huge THANK YOU! to everyone who commented on my last post.  I really appreciate the input about my crocheted necklace.  I was quite leery of what might be said, because I'm still not super secure about the things that I make, so I was sweetly surprised and grateful for the remarks that you guys posted.  (A few of you mentioned you might like to make one of those your own, so please stay tuned... I plan on putting some in my etsy shop as soon as I can get them made! And thank you guys for making my week!  And a special thanks to Lyndsay and her husband for the photography tips... please tell your hubby I will give those suggestions a try!)

So much is going on right now that I kind of feel like I'm swimming in space.  (At least, I'm guessing that swimming in space would feel like this... if I moved my arms like in the picture, it would catapult me forward through space until I did an oppostie motion to stop myself, then make another move in another direction and have the same thing happen all over again...) I get started on one thing and am moving forward, then something else jumps out and causes me to come to a screeching halt so I can address something different.  Oh well, such is life, right?  I guess so.  But, since I've been working diligently at trying to simplify my life these sudden changes of direction are really getting on my nerves.  I think I need a shirt that says in a bold, clear font, "Work with me, not against me" or perhaps I could just come up with something vulgar that would cause people to just steer clear.  Like a simple hand signal?  Just kidding... that would just create way more negative energy than I care to deal with right now.

On a lighter and more positive note, my little sister is celebrating her 26th birthday this Saturday and I can't wait to see her.  I am meeting up with her, her new husband and some friends of theirs for a wonderful meal in Dallas.  Friday night Hubby & I are having some dear friends over for dinner, and I am certainly looking forward to that, too.  It should be a laid back and fun weekend.  Yeah!  And, of course I will make lots of time for crocheting!  I have a little cardigan that I need to finish so that I can move on to necklaces!

Happy Wednesday everyone!