Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Saturday Girl

This past Saturday was my little sissy's birthday.  She turned 26!  You might remember I asked for your opinion on a certain necklace I recently made.  That was Sissy's present.  She says she really liked it.  I just hope to see her actually wearing it.

I dressed up her package with a wee bit of embroidery instead of a card.  She's getting a good scrapbooking pile together so I thought she might like to use the added gift decor as a scrapbooking page embellishment.

And here we are... Shorty, Whoostine (my new super sweet & funny Brother-in-Law) and my little Sissy.  I'm glad to have him as part of our super dorky family!  And in just a couple of weeks I'll be sneaking off with the two of them to visit our mom in New Mexico.  I can't wait!!!