Thursday, September 1, 2011

Will Travel for Yarn

Do you ever sometimes feel the need to just leave town, pick up and venture to far off places in search of new things or adventures? I've felt that need quite a bit lately. Life has been overly busy in the past several months and its caught up with me.

I'm excited that very soon I'll get to head to Santa Fe, New Mexico for a long weekend visit to see my mom. There are familiar scents that I'm so looking forward to smelling when I walk in her door, and new sights to see around her house due to some recent renovations.

There's just something about going to visit Mom. Long conversations, jokes and being silly, catching up on stories, being on her time schedule and not having to worry about mine, and this time there will be a bit of yarn shopping. One of the places I'm hoping to stop by is called Tutto Fine Yarns & Buttons. Another shop off the Plaza is called Oodles Yarn & Bead Gallery and there are some great reviews about it online, including they carry local yarn. I'm always intrigued by what's locally produced. Knit Map also listed a couple of other shops that are calling my name, too. Of course, you know I'll keep you posted on what I find.

After I finished up Episode 7 this week I realized there were other things that I wanted to share with you that I had left out. Mainly about my recent experience at The Knitting Fairy in Grand Prairie, Texas. I joined the Sunday afternoon stitching group for some conversation and stitchy bonding, and I had a blast. It was relaxing, comfy, heart warming... and I was surrounded by gorgeous yarns and garment samples that offered so much inspiration. I can't wait for another Sunday afternoon to be here so I can join the group again. It's so nice to have found a local place to gather with like-minded people and share a hobby.

If you have any plans for the upcoming Labor Day weekend enjoy yourselves and be safe! And, until next time keep those hands stitchin'!