Saturday, April 4, 2009

Busy Saturday...

What a day! Hubby and I worked ALL MORNING LONG around our house! We got up and he headed to the rental place to pick up a power washer. I made a frittata with eggs, cheese, fresh basil, turkey, new potatoes and onions while he was gone. I had a nice cup of java, I must admit, while I was working in the kitchen. We had breakfast then headed outside to power wash the shutters, the fence and the driveway & sidewalk. (I must confess that he did all of the power-washer-wrangling...I was mainly the hose adjuster/mover. Then I decided to pull grass & weed sprouts out of the flower beds.) The front and back of the house is quite spiffy. We admired the fresh-looking concrete and brick. Tomorrow we head back outside to restain the shutters and our fencing.

After we finished that work, we met a good friend out at the lake and Hubby and his bud did a bit of fishing. I looked on from just a few feet away as I tried to get a bit of sun on my blindingly white legs. A few little Bass were caught and released.

When the sun went down we had a bit of wine out on the wonderfully clean back porch. The frogs were singing in the background. A grasshopper was smacking around the top of the porch. And the dogs meandered around in the dark, playing with whatever it was they could see and we couldn't.

An enjoyable day all around. The only thing missing was The Little Guy... he's quite busy staying the night with a good friend. I must admit its a bit sad to be thrown over for his buddies. But, a boy's got to grow into a young man, right? And, a mom's got to learn to let go. I'm working on that part. He seems to be doing just fine.