Monday, April 27, 2009

Hand-made Update

I've been a little busy making things lately. And I love it! If you only knew how many ideas and patterns I have floating around my head of things to make... that's not even including the purse pattern that I got from Hubby for my birthday, which I need to start as my next project.

You may remember that Hubby also gave me the gift of quilting classes from JoAnn's... a series of four. I posted about my fabric selections for my quilt here. Well, I've been to two of the classes, and this is a portion what I've made so far. By the close of Wednesday night I should have my quilt top completely pieced, with the quilt sandwich all put together so I can get to the actual hand quilting portion. I really like how it's coming together and I can't wait to show you more later this week.

On Sunday, The Little Guy asked me to help him make a camouflage messenger bag. He wants to use it when he goes shooting to hold his ammo and supplies. He also said when he goes dove hunting he wants to put the dove in there. Yikes. I just can't imagine him bringing home little birdies. Little birdies are one of my absolute favorite things to look at these days! Granted, a bit of dove wrapped in bacon with a jalapeno in the middle, grilled to perfection, is certainly a tasty snack... but to have my son bring me the little birdies??? Is he really big enough to go hunting? He'll be eleven years old this Sunday. I've heard of boys as young as five going hunting with their dads. But, I still don't think I'm ready for him to go.