Friday, April 3, 2009

Job hunting tip...

At work I need to find a new receptionist because our current one is moving up within the company. The dilemma began with regard to posting an ad. Right now we are cutting as many expenses as possible, so the thought of paying hundreds of dollars for an advertisement wasn't that appealing. I turned to Craig's List. Tons of people post stuff there, right? It should be great.

Great it was. As in volume.

This morning I had over two hundred responses to the receptionist want ad in my in-box. I had just posted the ad about fourteen hours earlier. Not only am I overwhelmed by the response, which I was trying to anticipate considering the economy right now. But, I am ridiculously agitated by the number of people who type as if they are responding to a text message. GMAB! (Give Me A Break)

For anyone that might be searching through want ads, and responding for employment purposes, please please please err to the side of conservatism and professionalism. Don't use an email address such as "Aunt Bush Goose" or "Tammy Tam Tam." For reals. Can you believe those people actually want to be seriously considered as a candidate?

Now, if you'll please excuse me I must get back to weeding out the juveniles. Wish me luck!