Thursday, April 16, 2009

ITS Tactical

This post may seem a little strange coming from a crafty lovin' girly-girl, but here goes anyway...

Do you ever wonder what you might need in case of a disaster? How to tie certain knots? Or what to do if you find yourself in a survival type of situation? Well, my husband does, and he has a new blog. ITS TACTICAL at It's definitely geared towards gear crazy tactical minded people, but who knows... you might dig it. If you don't then consider passing the link on to your gear crazy/tactical lovin' loved ones.

I like saying, "It's tactical!" when Hubby is talking about some of his gear or his blog, but really ITS stands for Imminent Threat Solutions. He's got articles about useful gear, tools and skills that can be used in real world situations. Even though he's only been posting to the public for just over a week he's got some great contributors featured and more scheduled for future posts.

Check it out!