Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday Stuff

I am happy to report Hubby and I accomplished our goal of staining the shutters and front fence facings today. We tackled the shutters first, which went really fast. (The coloring looks even in person, I promise!)The fence... not so easy. We brushed the stain on, which I don't recommend for fence panels. Rent or buy a sprayer. Today we did not have that luxury. High winds were a problem, plus we didn't think it would be too hard to brush on stain when we laid out the original plan. Now we know...wait for a windless day and rent a sprayer.

We still have the inside backyard fence to stain, so you can bet we'll take the easier route when the winds die down around here.

After we knocked that out I was off to church for the Palm Sunday service. Today marked the beginning of Holy Week, which I'm excited about. Easter is just around the corner! Tomorrow The Little Guy comes back from his dad's for the week, and I can't wait to plan our Easter crafts.

I had a late lunch with some girlfriends I grew up with. It was so fun sitting around talking about the "do you remember when..." experiences from years past. I love reminiscing!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!