Monday, November 3, 2008

A beautiful thought...

Sunday morning Hubby and I were making breakfast and having a very enlightening conversation about our future. We plan to move from where we currently live at some point after our son is grown and off to college. Right now we are in the South and we talk a lot about visiting towns up North or along the West Coast to see where we might like to live. Who really knows though...we may want to stay in the South.

We were talking hypothetically about what we could do for income once that move takes place. There are a hundred different directions that our lives could take us, but it was funny to chat about some of the possibilities. We were watching bits of CBS Sunday Morning while we were cooking & chatting, and one of the segments was set in Kentucky. It showed a small little town that was in the process of electing an animal for their Mayor (not really relative to my story, but an interesting tidbit). I said wouldn't it be funny if we ended up in a small rural town (not in Kentucky) where everyone knows each other and there is only a couple of main roads to get you through town. Hubby could continue with his graphics and web design business since you can really do that from anywhere you have an internet connection and I could be one of the local crafters that sells my wares right out of the house! I imagined us not ever getting hair cuts and wearing overalls every day.... ok, just kidding.

We also talked about living in an urban setting like San Francisco where there's no need to drive....just live Downtown and walk everywhere you want to go. (But it would be nice to have one nice luxury car stored somewhere!) I could continue on with my career in management and Human Resources or go crafty, and he could still do design work, or maybe he'll follow a more tactical (as in military) career path at that point.

It was such a good feeling to stand in the kitchen cooking and talk about the possibilities of our future together....after the little guy is settling into his own adulthood. It was just a mini reality check of what life might be like as we grow old together. It made me feel all smiley inside!