Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lunch with my Vet

I just love it when my monotonous work days sometimes get a little jolt of excitement! Don't get me wrong...I like my job, but day after day it's pretty much the same. Get to work at seven a.m., do lots and lots of paperwork, enter stuff in the computer, have a cup of tea, answer questions, ask questions, do more paperwork, eat lunch at my desk or in my car listening to the radio, then get back to work until it's time to go home.

Today, being Veteran's Day, my husband was in the Downtown area for a parade. He walked with other Veterans along the parade route. He had mentioned this morning that he might do that, but he wasn't sure. Well, he did it. And, I'm glad he did. He deserves to be part of that group.

Even better was that he called me after he finished up and we practically asked each other at the same time, "Wanna go to lunch?" Of course we did! So, he came by my office and we headed to a little Mexican food place nearby. Good food and great conversation.

It was a very nice surprise and I enjoyed it immensely!!!

Thanks, Hubby!
And, Happy Veteran's Day to you!