Monday, November 17, 2008

Bloggers Beware

Hello All,

I'm writing a letter to my wonderful readers of these my lil' writings, and hope to pass along a tidbit of useful information to you. I know I don't have a lot of "followers" on my site as some of the blogs that I read have over 1,000 followers. But, to those of you who have a manageable amount of followers, and are able to check them out, I would highly recommend doing so. Here's why....

A few weeks ago a woman began following my blog and I quickly checked her link to see what she wrote about. I found her posts to be very dark, but just left her blog thinking that I didn't share the same outlook so I wouldn't "follow" hers, no harm done, right? Well, today I was looking over my followers and wanted to check out her site to see if she had turned to brighter side of life or if she was still writing about The Dark Side. I was blown away that she had actually written about causing bodily injury to a person, felt totally justified in her actions and planned on finding more victims.

I commented on her site that I couldn't tolerate what she stood for and was blocking her as a follower. My site is completely public so she can still come back and make vindictive comments if she so chooses, but I felt it was very important that I let her know I didn't want her kind of business. Then I quickly sent Hubby an email thanking him for insisting that I keep my blog anonymous.

How do you feel about policing your site? Do you find it to be unnecessary? I'm curious to see how you would react if you found you had a follower that offended you with their writings. Would you do anything at all?

Thank you kindly for your responses. Hopefully The Mutilator will not participate.

My best to you,