Sunday, November 30, 2008

a dash of Christmas decor

As promised I am now ready to post a couple of pictures from the beginnings of our holiday decorating this weekend. We haven't finished yet... between the computer projects Hubby has going on and the little guy's time at his pappasito's house we haven't had a full day of dedicated decorating time. We are supposed to put up the outside lights some time this afternoon. Until then, it's back to working on my quilt and doing chores. Doesn't that sound delightful???

Here is the wreath that I made this morning. I've had the wreath for several years, but no longer liked the decorations that adorned it. So, this year I picked up some natural wintry looking items to replace the old stuff with. I rather like how it turned out!

The Christmas tree pics aren't the was taken with the flash and one without. We have to pick out a new tree-topper this year and haven't found one yet. We've been repulsed by the Medusa angel that was a hand-me-down for too many holiday seasons, so we retired her this year. Hopefully we'll find a good replacement in the next day or so!

Happy decorating to you and yours!