Thursday, December 18, 2008

camo fleece update

The camo fleece blanket is now stitched together (by my sewing machine), but I didn't do the blanket stitch around the edges. It's a bigger blanket than I thought so I'm not sure if I can get all the blanket stitches completed before Christmas. Trey will be with me all weekend so I don't know if I can sneak in any more sewing time until Monday evening when he goes back to his dad's. I'm going to try, tho. The blanket looks so plain with just a raw edge. So, my apologies for this boring little post, but I'll update it with a picture once I'm truly finished.

I must say that I was so excited when I arrived home yesterday to find a little pile of presents wrapped just for me from Hubby and the little guy. I got in trouble for shaking and feeling of the packages. And, no hints were given. I'm so bad at waiting for surprises! I'm not bad enough to dig through the paper or anything, but I love messing with the shape of the packaging and giving things a jiggle so I can try to figure out what's in there!!! I'm still such a kid when it comes to gifts!

I'm hoping to find an embroidery stitching starter kit from Sublime Stitching (there's a link to the left) in there, some earrings that I picked out a while back, a dress that I absolutely adored.... You know, to be quite honest I'm not even sure what all I've asked for. I didn't write it all down in list format, just sent emails to Hubby as I would think of things or find pics online to show him. He and the little guy are pretty good at coming up with ideas of their own, too, so who knows what I'm getting.

I can't wait for Christmas to get here!!!