Friday, December 26, 2008

What a great holiday!

Christmas has officially come and gone, but what a great holiday I had with my family! My mom and step-dad came to town, my sister stayed a couple of nights with us, and we exchanged a ton of gifts. I did get the fabulous dress that I asked for, however it didn't fit me well at all. It was perfect in the waist, but it looked like the top half, shoulders and all, were made for a woman two times bigger than me. Not to worry...the Shabby Apple site has plenty of dresses for me to exchange this one with.

I got a wonderful book, The Mother In Me, that I asked for that was a fundraiser for the Nie Recovery Fund, and I can't wait to dive into it. I also got a new David Sedaris book, Dress Your Family in Couderoy and Denim, that I'm excited to dig into. And, I got my beautiful little Sublime Stitching starter kit complete with the tattoo alphabet and an apron to get started with!!! What am I doing sitting here blogging? I need to be stitching!

My son loved his camo fleece blanket, thank goodness! He says he can't wait to cozy up in it, but it's been 70 degrees in Texas the past few days. No freezing temps in site just yet. Oh well, the blanket is ready for him when he gets cold.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and if you are like us are recovering from all of the dessert indulgence. Mom and I delivered a box of cookies to family today so that Hubby and I won't stuff our faces anymore with them. We still have half a pumpkin pie, an entire pecan pie and some red velvet cake balls to devour, so the more we give away the better! I've got to get back to the gym!!!