Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Finished Fleece!

Yeah!!! The camo fleece blanket project/gift is complete! I finally finished all of my blanket stitches this morning. I decided to go with a red embroidery yarn since it was a nice contrast to the camo print and the light gray backing. I must warn you....it doesn't scream professional. But, it does scream homemade....by Mom....with love, right? I'm sure the little guy will just love having it to snuggle up with. I'm hoping that my hand stitchery will improve with time. My little Sushi Bear had to check it out just as soon as I set it on the floor.

I was in need of a better needle, but didn't drag myself into the right store to get one. The times that I have ventured out into the hustle and bustle I've just picked up exactly what I needed and didn't veer off my mandatory course. So, I trudged through the blanket with a needle that was a bit too fat for the fleece, but it's over now. Lived and learned for the next project.

I'm glad I added the stitches, even though they aren't the most beautiful. I think it added a nice touch to the blanket. Now I just have an ornament to make for my son to place in his stocking. It will be made from a scrap of flame fabric, which he accidentally saw already. He doesn't know what its for, but he knows its for him. He brought it out to me after he found it laying out on my sewing table and asked, "So, what's this for?" I didn't exactly respond with a complete sentence, just a "Go put that back, please."

That's the second time one of us has seen something we weren't supposed to around here. The first instance was when I saw a receipt my husband left laying out from a store that has a dress I asked for. I didn't read the receipt, but unless Hubby just went out on a limb and picked out a different one, then I know I'm getting the dress I asked for. It's absolutely fabulous, don't ya think! Love the pin up style!