Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I heard a report (probably from NPR) that womens desks were usually more germ-ridden than mens because women tend to eat at their desks more often. I thought, Well...yeah, I eat at my desk throughout every work day but I'm not messy about it! Then today happened. The epiphany that I've been deluding myself and in denial of what might really be lurking on my desktop and keyboard!

I'm sitting here eating my lunch, answering phone calls and checking messages and decide to open my yogurt/dessert. I was staring at my computer screen while taking off the foil lid so I didn't pay any attention to how laden with yogurt it was...I just pulled the thing right off. And, yogurt went up my arm, on part of my keyboard and flecked the top of my desk.

So much for not being a messy eater at my desk! I instantly thought of all the germs I was most likely spreading with my live cultured treat. Guess I better go retrieve the Lysol and get to spraying... and own up to the fact that yes, my desk is probably more germy than the guy next door. Yuck!