Monday, December 15, 2008

Seven weird little things....

A big thanks to Rambler for the idea of posting about some of my natural weirdness. I bet you didn't realize that you wanted to know seven weird little things about me! So, here goes...
  1. I love wearing Moccasins around the house...even when it's hot. I have a pair from Santa Fe, they are kind of a yellowish color, natural leather, with some beading over the toes. They have just the perfect amount of squish under my feet when I walk! I can't wait to put them on when I get home from work!!!
  2. I have a very perverted sense of humor. Sometimes the grossest things to most people make me laugh extremely hard. I can't help it! I've been that way as long as I can remember!
  3. Right now, because of the holiday nut supply at the grocery store, I'm in the middle of a nut fetish! I can't crack enough! Almonds, walnuts, hazel nuts, Brazil nuts... you name it and I'm munching on them. I haven't found any chestnuts yet this season. Hopefully I'll find some very soon!
  4. I'm a very bipolar driver. Some days I'm very friendly and wave people on in front of me, smile at passing drivers, don't tail gate, do the friendly chuckle as someone almost pulls out in front of me.... But, other days I'm pretty much psycho. I talk under my breath at everyone who passes, make snarly faces as I pass by people who've just irritated me, zoom around slow drivers... all while making inappropriate comments. Then, sometimes in the very same day, I go right back to being the Nice Princess. Go figure.
  5. Sometimes I feel like there are spirits around me. I don't talk to them or anything...just have the feeling sometimes of there being something else in the room when I'm all alone. That's usually when I HAVE to turn on the music or the tv to side track myself, otherwise I get very skeered and want to turn on all the lights and not let my feet linger by the bottom of any bed in the house.
  6. I have big green eyes and used to scare myself in the bathroom mirror when I was a kid. I would bug them out and tilt my head downwards as if I was about to attack. Then I would have to run out of the room. I must admit I've recently tried to do this again when I was near a mirror. It didn't have the same effect, but I sure can look creepy when I want to!
  7. I pick my cuticles. It's a horrible habit. I love having beautiful nails, but I'm constantly digging at the skin around them. I'll go through phases where I'll leave my hands alone, but more often than not Hubby has to tell me to stop picking my fingers. It's gross...I know.
Now it's your turn. Enquiring minds want to know! (remember that commercial?)