Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Thinking and Driving

I commute about 40 minutes each weekday morning and afternoon to work. I listen to NPR most of the time, sometimes listening to music if there is something specific I am in the mood for. But a lot of the time I catch myself totally zoning out thinking of completely random things. I thought I would see if you are in the same boat while you drive.

Things that go through my mind as I drive...
  1. I notice I'm not fully paying attention to the report I'm finding interesting on the radio and wonder if I'll misquote the statistics later to someone, hence starting a new chain of misinformation.
  2. I say a few random prayers for friends, family and some blogger friend needs I've read about...always making sure I say, "Thank you God for this day and all of the blessings you've given me." I feel extremely guilty if I just start listing my prayers without saying thanks to God first...not sure if He's bothered by how I start my prayers, just my anal habit.
  3. I replay bits of conversations I've had with my family and/or friends, analyzing tone and content, then play out different outcomes in my head.
  4. I wonder about my mom's life and what's going on at her house.
  5. I think about tattoo ideas.
  6. I think about finding a church and how I would really like to find a good church home....I miss that aspect of life. Then I feel a bit guilty for not having my son in an active youth group and remember the fun I had when I was involved, which was never regularly, but fun nonetheless.
  7. I think about homeless people and wonder how they ended up that way. I wonder if they have children with them and if they are hungry and cold. I wonder about their safety.
  8. I think about fabrics and what I could make with them.
  9. I wonder why I even have the radio on since I'm having so many fleeting thoughts of randomness!
  10. Oh, crap! Did I almost just broadside that vehicle? Geeze....I must be very deep in thought!
What do you think about while you drive?