Wednesday, October 8, 2008

consider donation...

Several years ago I decided to become an organ donor. I the little red sticker to put on my driver's license, and told my family that if I was ever able to donate my organs to please carry out that wish for me. Then, one year it was time for me to renew my driver's license. When I got my new one, I pitched the old one in the trash, and didn't take the time to get a new sticker.

I have a good friend who is a transplant recipient. She received a kidney over fifteen years ago and is doing great. We talked about this subject probably a year ago, and it quickly slipped my mind again. Last night, while I was blog-searching, I found a site called Bloggers Unite, and they pick a topic every few months for bloggers to write about on a specific day to spread awareness of a particular issue on a global level. I noticed one of their past topics was organ donation, and it reminded me of this important issue that I have forgotten about too many times.

Today I looked up a site called Donate Life and made sure to add my name to the registry. I know some people have fears about becoming an organ donor, but please take the time to read about your options. The fact is we never know when it will be our time "to go" and it could be in a manner that would permit you to save at least one person's life. Talk about an amazing gift! Please consider becoming an organ donor and letting your family know of your wishes.