Wednesday, October 1, 2008

All things inspirational....

It amazes me sometimes that I can buzz along through life and not take notice of little things I'm taking for granted. I try really hard to make mental notes of the many "forget-me-nots" throughout each day, but I'm a creature of habit and routine, so sometimes....lots of times, actually...I lose track of what brings me happiness each day.

Today, I'm going to list some of the many fleeting things that I've made those mental notes of that make me smile or bring me inspiration. I hope that you find inspiration in the little things throughout your day, too!

Inspiring happy moments....

1. Seeing my son's smile and hearing when he laughs uncontrollably
2. Soft kisses on the head from my husband
3. Catching someone smiling at me in an unsolicited way
4. When my dogs lay their heads on my lap
5. Receiving a card or note from someone in the mail
6. Saying prayers each night with my son and knowing that he looks forward to that time we share
7. Imagining how my husband and I will be living our life together in 10 years
8. Feeling like I've made a positive contribution at work
9. When I complete a project entirely
10. The smell of fall taking over the summer season
11. Thinking of renewing my marriage vows with Hubby
12. Imagining the next Mom & Sis Day
13. Hearing my son grunt as he makes tackles (this is a new thing for him)
14. Hearing my son say he wants to work on classic cars
15. Sitting outside hearing the birds and feeling the warmth of the sun