Thursday, September 25, 2008

Some grooming required

You may have noticed I'm still messing with my blog template. I've tried a few different pictures behind the title and the one I've got posted now is what I guess I'll stick with for a bit. I'm tired of trying to master Photoshop, and I just can't create the shapes and images that are in my head. I'm hoping to make more permanent changes very soon so thanks for bearing with me.

On to my real message for the day....

I have a question for anyone who would like to respond. How do you feel about chest hair on men? More specifically, too much chest hair on men. Personally, I am not a fan of it. My husband grooms himself regularly and has a very smooth chest most of the time, which I appreciate VERY much. The gentlemen that I work with, however....we'll, let's just say that several of them have little pokey hairs coming out of the top of their shirt collars and it absolutely repulses me! Especially the guys that don't get regular hair cuts and look otherwise disheveled on a daily basis.

(We'll be sitting in a meeting and my eyes naturally gravitate to their collars and I find myself thinking...hey, haven't you heard of an undershirt? Don't you see how long those things are? Does your wife really like that look or does she even see it anymore? I try to stay focused on the topics of the meeting, but sometimes my mental wandering is totally unconscious until it's too late. Then the rest of the day is shot...any time I have to converse with them after that I can't stop looking at their necks!)

If there are any men reading this, please look in the mirror and see what's coming out of your clothes. If you're even remotely close to resembling Big Foot I think you're ready for a time out for grooming. Women all around you will thank you for it...silently, of course!