Friday, September 5, 2008

Things that make me smile...

Looking at my son's smiling face...I have pics of him on my cell phone wallpaper and on my work computer desktop so I can see him almost every moment of the day. Hearing my son's voice when he calls me on the phone or answers my calls. Receiving romantic notes, cards or flowers from my husband. Getting cards and letters in the mail or invitations. My husband calling me just to say hello or "I love you!" Hearing someone laughing uncontrollably. When I laugh uncontrollably (doesn't happen often enough). Playing with my dogs. Seeing a funny kid in public or a child who is confident and carries on an intelligent conversation with me. The show Will & Grace. Reading novels by David Sedaris. Watching Saturday Night Live skits. Remembering the Carol Burnett Show and how I used to watch it all the time. (My mom and I used to love to impersonate Mrs. Huh-Wiggins!)

Giggling(obviously). Driving in my car thinking about something I'm looking forward to. Listening to upbeat music. Completing a good workout. Finishing my chores. Seeing my mom and sister...just making plans with them makes me smile! Talking to my dogs in my goofy voice naturally makes me smile most of the time. Seeing my son laugh. Catching my husband when he messes something up (because he's an anal perfectionist). Hearing Crumbles tell a story because he's an awesome story teller (he really should become a writer). Watching my sister "do the Grinch." Planning Christmas with my family. Opening presents. Singing songs I haven't heard in any song by Journey! Hearing someone compliment me. Giving compliments to someone else. Smelling rain or fresh cut grass. Watching my doberman run laps in the house or yard. Seeing my son feel good about something. Reading my friends comments on my blog. Knowing my friends/family even read my blog! Being welcomed by someone. Feeling great! Thanking God for my blessings....and I have many!