Sunday, September 21, 2008

In-delectable experiences

My highly anticipated weekend is almost over, which is a bit disappointing, but a great weekend it has been! I still have a few hours of relaxation time to go, and we'll see if I manage to start that Roman Shade sewing project that I have told myself for weeks that I was going to begin. I'm a bit intimidated by it, I must admit! Procrastination has been in order!

My son's football game was pretty exciting last night. The other team won by a few touchdowns, but it was really good seeing the boys getting to put some of their hard work into action. I know they liked being dressed up in their game uniforms. My little guy did a great job when he was on the field and I'm very proud of him!

It was also fun getting to see my mom and pop last night. After dinner we came back to my house and watched some of Saturday Night Live. We always seem to watch that together when they come to town...kind of interesting considering Hubby and I don't watch it all that much any other time. Anyway, the monumental tidbit about last night that I wanted to post about was our dining experience. Pop suggested we go to the Aussie Steakhouse, if you know where I mean, after the football game. No one objected so we headed down under. The waiter seemed as if he was going to be good...said all the right things, was in seemingly high spirits, so we didn't think it would be a bad experience. Well, it didn't take too long to catch on that our waiter just put up a good front.

It took over 15 minutes for us to have our drink order filled, so we were a bit thirsty and agitated by the time we could quench our thirsts. It took another 20 minutes or so before we could even give the guy our food order. Drink refills were slow for some of our party and nonexistent for others, and our food didn't surface for another 40 minutes. My son's plate was the only one that didn't come out with the other dishes. The kid who had just played his heart out and needed food the most wasn't being served. Yep, I was further irritated. I gave him a bite of my steak kabob thing, then cut a bite for myself. Just then the little guy asked if I thought the meat tasted funny. Right as he said that I started tasting something strange...something a bit like floor cleanser. Then, I saw it. The pube-styled hair stuck to my next bite of meat. I about gagged. I had to chug some tea to keep my last bite going down instead of coming back up.

Not sure if you've seen the movie "Waiting" but it's about scenarios just like this and the wait staff who prepare such fine in-delectable meals for unsuspecting patrons. I hadn't been rude per se to our waiter up to this point. (Granted, I had asked earlier when we were all starving how much longer it would be before we saw our food, but I said it with a super fake smile and I'm sure I said thank you after his response.) I announced to the table there was a hair in my food so we passed the plate around for inspection. Needless to say I gave the dish back to the waiter and didn't order anything else in its place.

Of course the manager was sent over, and he said all the right things, but could he expect me to try anything else with the curly visual stuck in my head? We were offered free dessert and a coupon for $45 in free food so we would come back, but Hubby and I aren't exactly excited about giving them another shot. Maybe we'll just go back for drinks sometime in the future... One thing's for more steak for me from the Aussie Steakhouse!