Monday, September 8, 2008

Classic VW Show

Sunday morning my husband and I headed out to a classic Volkswagen show with an old friend of his from high school. We had such a great time! Hubby's pal Ms. Beetle was so fun to hang out with! Her and my husband used to hang out with a bunch of VW lovers when they were in high school. Hubby had a Karmann Ghia that he restored and she had a Beetle, I think she said it was a '69 but I can't remember. He no longer has the Ghia but she just recently acquired a 1967 Beetle that she's in the process of restoring. It was fun watching her walk around and scope out parts for her Bug. Everything was completely new to me so I was mesmerized by the stuff her and Hubby were talking about. Needless to say, I had lots of questions...."What is that? What does that do?" etc. We had a blast just walking around checking things out. There were some VW's racing each other, too, at the drag strip. Funny to see little Beetles going 120 mph!My husband would like to restore another Ghia, but I think a project like that will be a few years down the road. I know my son would certainly love to learn to work on classic cars...he's already an enthusiast. It cracks me up listening to him tell me about specific makes and models of old cars and trucks that he likes. Who knows, maybe one day the little guy will restore a car of his own!