Friday, September 19, 2008

Really good weekend!

I must say that I am really looking forward to this weekend! My mom is coming to town and my son is playing in his very first football game. My sister and her fella will be coming over, too, to join all of us for dinner after the game. But, wait... there's more!

(This is a picture of me, my mom and my sister that was taken a few years ago. I figured since you can't see our faces I'm not really violating any of my privacy guidelines, so here's an actual personal photo on my blog! You can obviously tell who "Shorty" is, right? You can also see that I'm wearing a heel and my sis is in flip flops....just to give you a better visual of my shorty-ness.) On a side note, I need to see if I can still fit in those jeans. I wasn't working out back then so I am now curious to see how they fit.

I'm also looking forward to working out with Hubby this evening because I know he'll push me to work harder than I work myself, and we are going shooting Sunday morning. It will be great to see if I can pick up right where we left off the last time he took me shooting. Let's see if I can swing right by the chicken phase and move directly to the confident armed woman phase!

Another thing that's great is the weather! It's been sunny and in the 80's during the afternoons and I can't wait to soak it up! I'm only at work for the first half of the day on Friday so there is a lot I can enjoy after leaving. There is a completely dead plant on my back porch that I would like to would be a great day to take care of that! I've got some indoor stuff I absolutely need to stay motivated to do...begin a roman shade project for my son's room and clean my house! With family coming in I always like for it to look as pristine as possible!

Happy weekending to you and yours!