Monday, September 1, 2008

Support the Twins!

Ok, Girls. Let's talk support, because a lack of support is seriously one of my biggest pet peeves. I'm not talking about emotional or mental support, I'm talking about breast support.

You know how when you're driving down the road (or working out in public) and you see someone jogging or walking you take a quick peek at what they look like? I do this all the time. Not necessarily to see if that person is hot or anything...more like to check out their exercising outfit because I constantly dream of getting cute little matching workout outfits. But, the judgmental side of me is also checking to see if that person is fit or if it looks like they might just be getting started....just out of curiosity. Yep, I'm shallow like that....

So, as I'm casually gazing, when I see a woman exercising that does not have her boobs properly supported I literally want to pull over (if I'm driving), stop that person, and yell in her face...."Do you realize what you're doing to your skin tissue??? Do you really want your boobs to be saggy as hell, or what???"

Ladies, most of those little jog-bra style tops aren't going to cut it. That shirt has to be super tight to offer the necessary support you're going to need for any type of impact. If you're moving around and your boobs are bouncing as much as the rest of your body then you've got a problem. Not only does it look hilarious and totally take away from the seriousness of your appearance as a fitness guru, but you are destroying your breast tissue. Thus, leading to Saggyboobville. Is that really where you want to go? I certainly don't! Gravity will help me out all on it's own, so why would I want to spur on what's going to happen over time?

Finding a good exercise bra should be at the top of your workout priorities...before asking, "Does my butt look good in these shorts?" you should ask yourself if your chest moves in your shirt. If your answer to the shirt question is, "Yes, I have movement!" then keep looking for better support. Believe me, your boobs and your fella will thank you for it later! A great one that I've used for years is made by Natori (click on the picture) and I puchased it at Nordstom's. It's also available elsewhere online and in fitness catalogs. Here's a link to one site's top 10 recommendations... Go try on several exercise bras when you're looking for one. And, since you're all by yourself in the dressing room bounce up and down, jog in place and move your arms around in all directions. Make sure it's comfortable and most of all that your properly supported!

Look at it this way, we workout to make our body more fit and shapely. Why would we want to destroy one of the most feminine areas of our body in the process? Don't stretch out one part of your body (your breasts) to make another part firmer and tight (your tummy, bum or thighs). Keep everything as firm as possible!

Here's to a workout with no bounce!