Monday, September 15, 2008

Amazing tidbits to cheer me up!

For whatever reason my mood changed today before I got to work. I was in a great mood while I was getting ready this morning and during breakfast with my son. Somewhere between saying good-bye to him and sitting down at my desk my mood plummeted. I've been cursing at the dumbest things and gritting my teeth when something doesn't go exactly right.

I took a few moments to look at the blogs I read regularly and found some great posts. I'm so glad I took a break to do that! My friend M posted about our workout from Saturday, which was a complete kick in the butt, and I also read a very inspirational post on a blog I found last week. Just before I finished reading I got a call from my good friend Bridg just to say hello since I didn't get to visit with her very long at an open house we were both at yesterday. All of those things helped pull me out of my selfish little shell for long enough to see that there is a lot more going on in my world than petty stuff that I'm letting bring me down.

I've been over-focusing on some major changes that my life will take on after the new year. My husband's career is going to drastically change and our current living arrangement is going to be turned upside down. I find that these little worrisome thoughts filter into almost anything I'm doing these days and I have to deliberately move my thoughts to whatever task is at hand, blocking out the worries. Since I'm not good with ambiguity AT ALL it is very easy for me to lose focus on what I should be focusing on and get trapped by the spiraling negative worries of what our lives will be like next year instead. I can't continue like this! I'm strong enough to get past it, I just need to do it. I've felt improvement over the past two weeks so perhaps in another two weeks I'll be even better off.

My goal today, and for everyday, is to remind myself just how good my life is and that there is no reason to let the minutia of life bog me down. I'm going to see the good in the little things, and if there is no good to be found, then I just need to happily move on to other thoughts. After all, I'm a truly blessed individual, mom, wife, friend, daughter, sister, coworker.... My life has A LOT of good going for it!

Thanks to everyone who unknowingly helped pull me out of my funk!