Monday, September 1, 2008

Back to work!

Well, I took a few days off so now it's time for me to get back to posting! A lot has happened since Friday. I met a good friend Friday for a quick lunch and it ended up being perfect timing....she has been going thru a divorce and it was finalized Friday morning. We didn't chat a whole lot about it but it was good for her to get side-tracked for an hour or so with a friend. I'm glad our lunch date turned into a reprieve!

Friday evening while my son was at football practice I walked over to the high school track across the street and completed my workout. It was an intense CrossFit one, but I was so proud of myself when I finished. I started off with 50 squats, ran a 400m lap, then completed 15 burpees (a push-up with a jump up at the end, then back down to a push-up position, then repeat the whole process), then ran another lap. I completed three rounds of that. I ended up having to walk my last lap, but I finished the entire workout in about 40 minutes. Definitely not a record setting pace but I finished it. It was a little embarrassing since I had a small audience...a girl and her boyfriend were kicking a soccer ball around inside the track and surely thought I was retarded for doing push-ups with a jump at the end and squats. Oh well...I turned up my Ipod and tuned them out as best as I could. (I couldn't help be distracted sometimes that this girl did not have her boobs supported properly while she was exercising...a huge pet peeve of mine. The chick was probably 18 years old and seriously on the way to Saggyboobville. Very sad to sag at such a young age! Support your twins, ladies, when you're working out!)

My son and I had a big weekend planned together...Hubby was going camping so the little guy and I were going to have a lot of time to ourselves. Our solitude was cut short as the camping trip got rained out, but we still made the most out of what time we could spend on our own. We went to a lake party with some friends on Sunday, and Saturday night we dined on Sushi...a special treat! We ended up still getting to spend quite a bit of time with just each other so everything worked out nicely. I think Hubby was glad camping got rained out, too, as he ended up having a lot of work to complete at the hacienda. And, no...I didn't have a "honey-do" list for him...he's really good at generating his own home improvement projects on a regular basis.

Monday morning the little guy had football practice so we spent two hours in the sweltering sun and humidity. I felt so sorry for him and his teammates. I keep hearing that's what football's all about, but I can't stand watching them being tortured in the heat! Those boys were barfing on the sidelines and gasping for breath throughout most of practice. Don't get me wrong, they are given lots of water breaks, but the heat here can be horrendous! And, they have little toasters on their heads (helmets) most of the time. I tell my son to take his off at every opportunity he gets but when he's focused on just breathing and keeping his last meal down he's not thinking about taking off the helmet. I wonder just how much he's really enjoying this sport. He tells me he's having fun, but we'll see what he says at the end of the season. It won't hurt my feelings any if he never wants to play again. I would much rather he keep as many brain cells healthy as possible!

Well, on to enjoying the rest of my Labor Day since it's back to work tomorrow! I wish every weekend could be a long weekend. Some day I won't have to work five days a week...... some day. Hey, a girl can dream!