Friday, October 24, 2008

Oh the things I dream!

My mind plays horrible tricks on me sometimes. Does yours? And, it's usually when I'm unconscious....while I'm sleeping. Much to my dismay I have dreams about my coworkers from time to time. Usually about one each week about someone different from work.

Typically I don't remember much about these dreams...they scamper from my brain almost as soon as I get up from the pillow. But, one dream...that I can safely laugh about now...keeps popping into my head when I interact with this one particular colleague.

A few months back I woke up to realize that I had just been dreaming that I was in bed with a man I work with. Not just any man, but possibly the scariest looking man we have in our company. Granted, he's a very sweet fellow. But, he's seriously lacking in the personal hygiene & grooming departments. I'm more of a neat-freak about my appearance, so we are quite the contrast.

The dream went like this.... Ungroomed Coworker (Uck) and I were having pillow talk wrapped in the whitest sheets I've ever seen in the whitest, brightest bedroom that I've ever imagined. This is humorous in and of itself just due to the fact that this gentleman is never clean and bright. (His nails always have grunge under them, he wreaks of cigarette smoke and oily hair, his teeth are rotting in his head and one has actually fallen of the two top front ones....that he has no intention of replacing. Lovely visual, eh?) But again let me stress, he's a very nice person! Back to the dream... as we were laying there chatting he called me...... Lucifer. Yep, he called me the devil! I was mortified when I woke up. So mortified that I had to tell someone about this, so I told my husband. He found it rather humorous and hopefully as disgusting as I did. Then, I had to text message another coworker (who happens to be a very close friend) about it.

I think I had this dream because I'm not always the nicest person to him. He bugs me incessantly with his lack of concern over his appearance, and he's a manager at our company for Pete's sake, and he's constantly tardy. We're talking 1/2 hour to hour late kind of tardy. I know, I know...where's the discipline policy at work. Not sure...I'm not in charge of implementing that or I would have by now! It's really not needed that badly since all the rest of our staff is respectful of what time we get started each day.

Anyway, I know that I have given him the look of disappointment too many times to count, and I know he's heard my tone of disdain on more than one occasion. I guess I feel a little guilty about it since he's "such a nice guy" if I'm actually dreaming about him calling me Lucifer in a soft voice with a sweet, tooth-missing kind of smile.

So, this morning he was late again. After an hour someone called him and left him a message. I guess that served as him alarm clock because he called in right after that and said he was running late...would be in in about 40 minutes. I had to deliver some paperwork to his office after he finally arrived and cheerily said, "Hey Sleepyhead!" with a genuinely friendly smile. You know, since he's such a nice guy and all. He just chuckled back and said, "I guess I deserve that."

Yep, dude.... I can think of more that you deserve. Like a trip to the cosmetic dentist's office. And a nicotine patch. I really do wish him the best. Honestly!

So, what are some of your crazy dreams???