Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Holiday Weekend to YOU!

What are your plans for this weekend? Anything big? Do you have to work on Monday?

Fortunately, I have Monday off, which I am soooo excited about! We actually have a lot planned, which I am also excited about! Tonight, we are chilling at mi hacienda with The Little Guy and are going to watch Mall Cop. All three of us are really looking forward to that. I have some serious crocheting and quilting to accomplish this weekend, so I'm hoping the guys won't make too much fun of me while I sit with my tools in hand as we lounge.

Saturday we are driving about 100 miles to see one of my oldest friends and her family. The visit will be short, just a couple of hours most likely, but we haven't seen them in about two years and I can't wait! When we get back to town on Saturday, The Little Guy has an overnight bday party to attend for one of his best buds from baseball, and Hubby and I will be dining at P.F. Chang's. That's quite a treat for us so we can't wait! We want to plant flowers this weekend and camp out in the backyard (barring any rain on Sunday), so it should be a weekend of just enough activity to celebrate the holiday, but hopefully with lots of relaxing down time, too.

One thing is for sure.... I'm sleeping in through Monday!!! I hope you have a fabulously safe holiday weekend!