Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekend Recap

Happy Belated Mother's Day to everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful day of feeling honored and special. The guys at my house certainly made me feel good. They worked on making me a beautiful hanger for my apron collection in the kitchen, and one for our towels in the master bathroom. Plus, I now have fresh rosemary & basil growing in my kitchen windowsill along with a beautiful Christmas cactus that is blooming. I'll try to snap some pics tonight to share with you.

The quilting continued throughout the weekend. I quilted for about two hours straight while The Little Guy was at baseball practice and I was looking on from the car. It also gave me the opportunity to listen to NPR and catch some good radio shows, one of them being This American Life, which I love. Then I quilted a bit more when I got home that afternoon, but I took Sunday off. My hands are sore! I miss my little crochet projects and am ready to get back to one, but I'm determined to finish this quilt first!

Hubby and I ordered a new tent today from LL Bean that we're pretty excited about. We have a camping trip coming up next month with The Little Guy, and our leaky tent from Academy just won't cut it for a week long excursion. I can't wait to have it delivered. Perhaps we can give it a whirl in the backyard just to test it out!