Thursday, May 14, 2009

Miele Vacuum

I know this is going to be kind of a nerdy post, but I'm excited about the subject matter so I just can't help myself! Yesterday, Hubby and I purchased a new vacuum cleaner! And, it wasn't the garden variety Hoover, I'm happy to report. It was this little German model... A Miele (pronounced meela).
Our previous vacuum, which honestly I can't remember exactly what brand it was since I've never liked it... some blue contraption we picked up at Lowe's a couple of years ago, died on us a couple of days ago. It kept making horrible noises that got louder and louder, and finally it decided to start smoking and melting. Well, that's a fire hazard! Machine must go into trash immediately and swiftly purchase new appliance!!!

This Miele has a seven year warranty that covers everything but the cord! Considering we've gone through two other vacuums in a five year time frame that warranty sounded great to us. As I tested it out last night when we got it home I quickly realized, tho, that vacuuming still isn't very fun and exciting. I'm happy that we'll have a more efficient tool to keep the house cleaner, but I'm still not a huge fan of chores. Ahh, the life of a commoner!