Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New fave blog!

You've got to check this cool cat out! Her name is Kandee and she's a make up artist in Hollywood. She's got the best tutorials and posts about make up, teeth whitening, hair styling, clothes & accessories... but mainly about make up and hair. I stumbled across some of her videos on Youtube last week when I was searching for pin up girl make up techniques. Kandee's instructions helped me out quite a bit!

I literally sat with Hubby's laptop stuck to my legs while I watched her videos until the battery ran low. I was THAT entertained!!! Granted, I love make up, especially MAC make up, and Kandee is a MAC she had some favor coming from me right off the bat. Plus, she's got a very hip rocker style that I adore. Then, I spied her video on how to look like Megan Fox. Loved it!!! I haven't quite mastered the application of the make up tips (since I haven't exactly practiced) so that I can look like Megan Fox and totally titlate Hubby, but it's on my "to do" list, I promise!

Not only does Kandee provide everyone with tips on how to look like a celebrity if you have a hankerin' to do so, on what colors and types of stuff will work wonders for us, and just give us basic ideas on how to play with make up and have fun, she is so freakin' nice and friendly she makes me feel like she's been a best bud for about six years. (Don't ask me why I said six years...) Her smile is contagious, too! And it's beautifully white (which she shares how to get such a sparkly white set of teeth) which makes me want to read her blog even more!

So, check her out. I'm confident you'll become a follower, too. What gal doesn't want a make up mentor???