Monday, May 18, 2009

LL Bean Tent

Friday afternoon our new tent from L.L.Bean arrived. We finally had some time to set it up in the backyard on Sunday afternoon to test it out. We love it and we can't wait for our summer camping trip at the end of next month. See the little screened in porch that it has? I think that is just so handy dandy! And, it is tall enough for all of us to stand up in. That's certainly a plus in my book. I'm not a fan of having to crawl around every time I need to get in and out of a tent.

One problem we had with our last tent was that it leaked really bad. This one is sealed at all the seams, and had a "footprint" tarp that is also sealed. It was pretty easy to set up with color coded loops and straps. We were impressed with all the detail the designers included. We'll give it an official Shorty Family Review after our trip, but if you are interested in more detail before then, click on the LLBean link and read the reviews posted on their site. They're pretty good!