Friday, July 3, 2009

Camping Vacation

Well, we made it! It is Friday and we returned home from our camping vacation without incident! Ok, so we have a few bug bites and are really, really tired of drinking warm water, so thankful to be back in air conditioned buildings, but there are no injuries to report, and most importantly..... no snake sightings to report!!! (Just in case you aren't in the loop, we are in Texas, and we've been camping in 100 degree temps... the nights fortunately cooled down to the 70's!)

Here is a pic of what our kitchen looked like on Sunday night as we prepped our food stash. We were worried we would run out of food, but that was not the case. We came back with a few more days worth of snacks and munchies... nothing very "meal" worthy, but it would've gotten us through if we had needed it.
Here are a couple of shots of our Clampett style abode from Monday to Friday.

And, here is a pic of something we perused while we took a drive into the nearest town (Mineral Wells) so we could soak up some a/c from our vehicle. This is the Baker Hotel
which was once a bustling place, a luxury hotel to be exact, back in the early 1900's. Mineral Wells made it big with their "crazy" mineral water which people claimed cured their ailments. Celebrities would travel to this little place just to soak and swim in the stuff, and tons and tons of the water was bottled and shipped throughout the South. (click on the link to The Baker and you can find lots of old pics and history.... very cool!) There were even crazy water crystals that people bought and added to their own water. The town was also a big military hub until Vietnam when the base was practically shut down, so the remnants of what once was is pretty sad. We kept saying how nice it would be if someone would invest in fixing up the old spots around there, but unfortunately the economy these days in Mineral Wells just doesn't support that idea. It's a beautiful little town, and the people are great. And, their Wal-Mart? Stellar! I'm not kidding, its the nicest Wally World we've ever had the pleasure of touring. Great a/c, too!

Curious about what we ate and how we entertained ourselves in the heat while we "roughed" it? Tune in tomorrow! I'll be back with more details on how you can plan your camping adventure, too!