Thursday, July 9, 2009

The New Do

Getting my hair spruced up yesterday was such a nice treat! Oh how I love that little bit of pampering! And, visiting with my stylist is always fun... she's so hip and freaky cool. She's been traveling to Israel and Turkey, for Pete's sake! I'm way to big of a chicken to even want to try to go to that part of the world. She said Istanbul is an amazing place to go, by the way. It sounded like San Francisco... always bustling with energy and jazzy things to do.

Ok, so this picture shows my "do" erring on the side of conservatism. When I got home from my appointment last night my hair was flat-ironed in a pretty extreme fashion. My stylist usually does that, and I like a bit more body in my hair. So this morning I dried it then put in my velcro rollers, which gives me just a bit of lift. I'm sure I'll style it in other ways so that some days it looks more edgy, but after my brief trip back to 1992 I wanted just something that looked a bit on the plain side this morning.

And, my apologies for the goofy look on my face. No matter how hard I try to relax and give a "real" smile for the camera when I'm taking my own pic I just can't do it. I feel like a total goober taking my own pics like this... Do you have that problem, too? My real camera croaked on me a couple of months back so I keep using my phone. I think I did better with the real camera...