Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lakecation Recap

It's Sunday evening and Hubby and I are back from the weekend retreat with our friends. And, let me first own up to an embarrassing fact... I was totally wrong about our destination in my last post. We did not head to Caddo Lake at all. And, that's what I get for trying to be overly spontaneous and not ask enough questions before I left. See, we were riding with friends, so I wasn't worried about getting to the destination on my own. However, when Hubby and I were talking about how long the drive was going to be... well, let's just say the couple we rode with looked at us as if we were looney. My bad.
This is the front entrance to the house, where the screened in porch is.

This is the view of the lake from the backside of the screened porch.

This is the back of the house while standing at the water's edge.

Here is part of the porch area where you can see the big game table in the middle of the room. The room was so big I couldn't get it all in one shot. Too cool!

We actually went to a little town called Caldwell, which is close to College Station where Texas A & M University is. And the lake the house was on Lake Woodrow, and it was pretty petite. Really, it was a private lake. And a very beautiful place to stay. The porch was in the middle of two houses that had been remodeled and joined together. Our host and hostess stayed on the left side of the house which had its own sleeping quarters, bathroom and fridge, and the rest of the couples divided up space in the right side of the house where there were two bedrooms, one bathroom, the kitchen & dining areas, as well as several seating areas with add'l couches for sleeping on.

We had so much fun that I can't even begin to describe just how much the muscles up and down my sides ache from laughing all weekend long. Literally, I gave my obliques a work out from laughing pretty much non stop from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon.

Friday night started off with the mustache back in action... Hubby took one for him and one for the friend that drove us. They put them on in the car during our rode trip and kept them on while we stopped for gas in a little town somewhere in Texas. The looks they were getting from the townspeople was hilarious. Literally, it looked like two guys were about to break into their own version of "Y-M-C-A" just without the rest of the costumes. It was hilarious.

We played tons of games... Apples to Apples, Gin Rummy, Poker (with chips not cash), Beer Pong (I was just a spectator for that one), told ghost stories around the fire pit, cooked wonderful meals, made smores and camp fire cakes and shared many a tottie while we listened to music. There was even a bit of fishing and laying in the sun. It was an absolute blast!!! And, we are hoping to be invited back very soon!