Saturday, July 11, 2009

Note to Self: Don't be a pedicure hater!

I was given a gift certificate to a local nail salon. I must admit I'm jaded these days about paying for such services. I've been scalded one too many times, I can't stand listening to a foreign language being babbled about in front of me (for Pete's sake, what are they saying about me???), and I'm always a bit leery about catching some sort of flesh eating bacteria from those pedicure chairs.

But, I was in need of some feet pampering. I try my best to take care of my feet. I've found a great Sally Hansen product, Pedicure in a Minute, that really works wonders. And, I've gotten pretty decent with painting my own nails. But, after our camping trip my feet were in some seriously neglected shape.

Here are my feet pre-pedicure... My Doberman Axel just had to get in camera range for this shot. I thought that was too cute to ignore!

Yep, this is me and Axel again, post-pedicure...

The place I went to is new. It was a large facility, clean, quiet and smelled delicious when I walked in, not pungent with artificial nail products. And, there were men! Three or four men working the place, and a few hubbys were in there with their significant others getting their toesies pampered. I took a book to indicate I didn't want to chat, and my nail tech was perfectly mannerly. I still got scalded, but I tried to just bite my lip and enjoy the pampering she was indulging me with. I must admit I would like to go back to this place.