Monday, July 13, 2009

Sunday Update

After I finished my Sunday angst post I realized that I didn't recap one of the highlights of my day... going to a Bridal Show with my sis in Dallas. Her wedding date is fast approaching (June 19, 2010), and she is so on top of everything. She makes me so happy to see that anal retention is still running rampant in my family and wasn't lost in the gene pool!

I'm not kidding, my Lil' Sis is on THE ball with her planning. She's already got a dress, shoes, wedding venue... and she's got an agenda planned for when our mom comes to town this Thursday to visit florists, more bridesmaid dress shops and I think some cake decorators.

Yesterday's mission at the Bridal Show... Operation Sweet Entertainment. (Ok, that's what I named it... because I'm a dork like that!) She was hoping to find the perfect cake and d.j. Let's just say she made some progress. We were floored by one of the d.j. guys... boasted that he was your one-stop-shop and would make sure the reception flowed seamlessly from the music to the cake cutting. We just thought he was trying to justify his minimum $2500 fee... yeah, right. Not in the budget, dude. Go bark up someone else's tree.

I tell you what, you've got to admire most of the vendors at those types of shows. To stand there all day long and hope to drum up business, saying the same thing over and over to hundreds of people??? Not something I could do unless I was heavily medicated and had an assistant to do all the talking.

Anyway, in summary... I'm very proud of my Lil' Sis for all her hard work and dedication to having just the right wedding. She's got more determination that I can shake a stick at! Check out her blog and follow her adventures. Her fella did a pretty good job with the proposal!