Sunday, July 19, 2009

Saturday Funnies

This weekend did not disappoint! Friday night with my girls was a great time... lots of goofiness and being silly. Our favorite thing to do! We hit the mall for a couple of hours before closing time because hey, Nordstrom is having a huge sale right now!

Saturday we took care of a couple of wedding planning appointments for Sissy, then we headed to meet up with Hubby and The Little Guy. And more shopping. Back to Nordstrom. And here is what Hubby had to wear while we shopped. He picked up that great mustache from the prize counter at Putt Putt Friday night when him and The Little Guy were hanging out. That's my Sis in the background saying, "I'm not going in there with him like that!"
Hubby kept it on for awhile. The looks he got from strangers was pretty hilarious. Sissy and I hit the MAC counter super fast, Mom and The Little Guy took off to the kids section, and Hubby was left following us around in his costumed state. He finally took it off, after the girl at the MAC counter commented on it. I think that's what he was waiting for... a bit of recognition from the crowd. We went to Starbucks later and he put it on again to order his coffee. The girl who rang us up ignored him, but the girl making the drinks chatted with Hubby about it, which of course boosted his confidence to wear it even longer. Thankfully he had to take it off to drink the coffee.

Sunday was a bit more low key. Mom and Sis went back to Sissy's casa, The Little Guy went to a cousin's birthday party after church, and Hubby and I decided to make some Oatmeal Raisin Cranberry cookies. Ok, I made them and Hubby is devouring them. I got the recipe from the Quaker Oats container... pretty good we must admit!