Monday, March 29, 2010

Camping & Garden Fever

Hubby and The Little Guy had a great idea Friday afternoon.... to camp in the backyard. We had to set the tent up to make sure it was swept out before storing it back in the attic, and once that thing was positioned, the guys wanted to make good use of it.

I thought it would be a nice touch to get a fire pit. We've wanted one for over a year and have never splurged, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity, especially with the nighttime temperatures staying in the 50's. The guys were on board with my idea!

But, fortunately for my stomach there were no s'mores. While we were at Lowe's we picked up a new Rosemary plant that we are hoping to not kill this year.

And here is a peek into our little garden that we planted a couple of weeks ago. We finally put one in! (We've only been talking about doing this for three years now.) I'm telling you that this little garden kit (also sold at Lowe's) is the way to go if you don't have a ton of yard space or if you don't want to rent a tiller. We literally had a garden in one hour's time! The boards hook and lock together, we put some ground cover in the bottom, then added soil, and before we knew it the plants were in the ground. We are so excited that we have tomato blooms already in place, and lettuce ready to eat!

Speaking of gardens, go here to see what I won today. I love winning things! A huge thanks to The Royal Sisters for their amazingly cute design that I can't wait to make.