Wednesday, March 10, 2010

So, I didn't make it...

Today my craft cabinet is still unfinished. A stack of crap-o-la is in the floor of the spare room my husband I share... he uses it to take gear photos and record videos for ITS and I use it for sewing and such. I'm sure he's cursing my name today. (for a couple of reasons, actually...) But there's hope!

It is raining here today... we've had a bit of pea sized hail... and this is good news for me. It means that the likelihood of my son's baseball practice being canceled for tonight is very high, which means I won't have to trek back and forth and I can have more time to work at home tonight.

I know that's very selfish of me. I'm sure The Little Guy would love to socialize with his teammates and burn off the stress from his day at school. So, I guess I shouldn't be too happy if practice is canceled. I guess I should just be patient and look toward the weekend which is only a few days away.

But honestly I want to work in that room tonight! Oh wait... I'm also supposed to help Hubby with his business taxes.

Ok, that's another strike against my agenda for the evening. Looks like this weekend is when I'll get more accomplished. Stay tuned...